Too many births inadequately spaced, or at too young or too late an age are a major cause of illness, disability, poor nutrition and premature death among women and children.
Special focus is emphasis made on imparting family planning, education and information to women to improve reproductive health. The Lady Dufferin Hospital, in collaboration with the Government, runs a programme directed towards a sustained educational campaign for low-income couples, offering them a wide range of contraceptives at a Family Planning Centre.
The Family Planning Centre was established in 1973. A year later it was expanded to include a Voluntary Sterilization Centre. In 1980, a Total CareService/Contraceptive Surgical Unit funded by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) and John Hopkins programme for international Education in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (JHPIEGO) was set up. After two years, this was formally, converted into a RHS `A` Centre and now is more commonly referred to as the Family Planning Centre.
The Family Planning Department offers following services:

Counseling and Motivation in OPD and Antenatal wards
Methods available
Pills :– Combine pills
– Progesterone pills
– Emergency pills
Injection – Depo proverne
– Nonigest
– Femijet
Condoms – for males
Intrauterine– Contraceptive
– Copper T
– Multi loads
Tubal ligation is Female permanent method, under local anesthesia
Cost : Rs.3 only for each method
Tubal ignition is free of cost.