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Out Patient Department (OPD)
Dr. Faridon Setna & Maryam Bashir Dawood
Centre of Excellence for Women & Children

Lady Dufferin Hospital houses a state of the art Out Patient Department (OPD) “ Dr. Faridoon Setna & Maryam Bashir Dawood – Centre of Excellence for Women & Children” that caters to the gynecological and obstetrics needs of the women belonging to the middle and lower socio-economic groups of our society. The new OPD wing was inaugurated in June 2021 and on an average caters to approximately 250 to 300 underprivileged women per day who visit us for gynae, obstetric and other women related health issues.

Along with gynecological and obstetric services the LDH OPD department also offers other multidisciplinary clinics including Diabetology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Endocrinology, Haematology, Internal Medicine, Family Planning and breast feeding (Lactation Management Program) services. Vaccination services to babies are also extended in collaboration with the Reproductive Health Department of Government of Sindh. LDH was one of the first hospitals to be given the title of a “Baby Friendly Hospital” by the WHO.

Maternity / Gynaecological Wing

For over 126 years, Lady Dufferin has provided women of the low-income group with high quality maternity and gynaecological services at highly subsidized rates or free of cost. 80% of the patients are treated at highly subsidized rates, 10% free of charge and only 10% are private patients. The most outstanding feature is that the quality of care and services provided in the general wards is of the same standard as that in the private wards. With the support of the hospital’s donors, the Katrak Maternity Wing has been renovated and is our maternity, gynaecology and pediatric wing, keeping the original facade of the hospital intact.

Other than providing state of the art obstetric/ maternity services to the underprivileged women our main areas of specialist investigations and treatments carried out within gynecology include Colposcopy, Hysteroscopy, Gynecological cancer. We also provide a comprehensive service of investigation and treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss as well as supporting women throughout their pregnancy.

Our professional team draws together leading consultant gynecologists, general surgeons, nurses as well as other specialist roles – all working together to ensure that our patients receive individual plans of treatment and care.

With the support of the hospital’s generous donors, the Katrak Maternity Wing was renovated in 2012 and has been turned into a modern facility with:

1) Maternity & Gynaecological Wards (General & Semi Private)
2) State of the art Operation Theaters
3) Labor room
4) Emergency ward, ICU
5) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Lady Dufferin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a state of the art facility WHO certified Baby Friendly NICU with latest equipment including incubators and ventilators for the new borns. High quality healthcare facilities are provided to all the newborns who are premature, with low birth weight or have a medical condition that requires specialized treatment irrespective of their parents’ affordability.

At LDH NICU there are three different levels of care provided:

  • INTENSIVE CARE is provided for babies who have serious medical problems, are premature (born more than three months early) and/or have extremely low birth weight (less than 1500 grams).
  • HIGH DEPENDENCY CARE is provided for babies with less serious problems but need to be kept under observation and support.
  • LOW DEPENDENCY CARE is provided for babies who do not require continuous observation

LDH Pharmacy

Lady Dufferin Hospital Pharmacy provides 24-hour services for in and outpatients under the supervision of trained medical staff offering medication counseling. The pharmacy temperature is maintained at international standards and only prescribed medicines are dispensed (with the exception of over the counter drugs). LDH Pharmacy medicines are purchased from authorized distributors only.

The main Pharmacy is located in OPD Building where all out-patient services are available under one roof. Pharmacy staff can be reached by dialing Hospital PABX followed by extension 138.


Lady Dufferin Hospital strives to build a high-quality, integrated health system for all patients irrespective of their socio-economic status. As an integral part of it, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art Diagnostic Radiology setup that intends to provide the best diagnostic solution to all patients at a highly affordable price. The radiology department at LDH provides accurate and rapid imaging services.

Our radiology team is fully trained to operate advanced-quality equipment. A large number of patients are entertained here on a daily basis at discounted rates.

Facilities available in our Radiology Department include:
. CT Scan
. Fluoroscopy
. Xray (departmental / Portable)
. Ultrasonography.

CT Scan

CT scan studies at LDH effectively enable the physicians to reach a particular diagnosis, reducing the number of visits and unnecessary tests of the patients, both men & women, therefore it is time-saving and cost-efficient.

Intelligently designed CT scanner in the LDH radiology department provides efficient and effective diagnostic service utilizing various dose control techniques to lessen radiation exposure and scan the patient with care. An advanced technology service at highly affordable rates is offered to all our patients keeping up with our promise of saving precious lives.


Compact, intricately designed state-of-the-art Fluoroscopy Machine at LDH with efficient digital systems and integrated electronic components provides most of the routine contrast studies including Hysterosalpingogram (Tube Test) with reduced radiation dose and outstanding image quality. 

Specific consideration is given to creating a hygienic and aseptic domain and particular care is provided for maintaining patients’ privacy. Walk-in patients both men and women are entertained depending upon the type of examination.

X-Ray Machine

All kinds of x-ray services are offered to both male & female patients at highly affordable rates including chest, bone and neonatal studies (Also available on walk-in basis).


Multiple innovatively designed ultrasound machines are available at Lady Dufferin entertaining the patients in an extremely hygienic environment. It provides wide range of examinations particularly for pregnant mothers at very affordable rates for fetal wellbeing, anomaly scans, ultrasound for pelvic, abdomen, thyroid and breast pathologies and doppler studies (including fetal, renal, venous / arterial limbdoppler studies) etc.

Cowasjee Midwifery School

The opening of a new building for the school of midwifery has been dedicated in the memory of Dr. Nancy Ardeshir Cowasjee. It is through the generosity of the Cowasjee Foundation that this building was planned, constructed and presented to the hospital. The whole story began some years ago when members of the management committee and an internationally recognized midwife approached Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee to provide all-new premises for the School of Midwifery. Mr. Cowasjee took up the challenge & surveyed its progress through regular visits.

The school is a continuation of the Phyllis Louise Lawrence Institute which was established in 1912 through a generous donation by Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw, son of Mr. Eduljee Dinshaw – original donor of the Lady Dufferin Hospital.

In 1912 the Center Board of Midwiferies in UK recognized the institution for practical midwifery training & students from the Louise Lawrence Institute were permitted to appear for the CMB examination in London without further training in UK.

The School has maintained its standard ever since and continues to produce high quality midwives.

On behalf of the Management Committee we pray for the peace of Mr. Cowasjee’s soul – a noble man, widely known and respected for having led a life of staunch conscience, principles and integrity

Our Corporate Partners

LDH is registered with the following companies on their panel of hospitals and provides state of healthcare facilities to their female employees including gynecological, obstetric (OPD, General/Semi-Private & Private Wards) Neonatal care (NICU), laboratory & radiological facilities (walk-in available for both male & female patients) and provision of medicines, etc. Our partners include:

  • Jubilee Life Insurance
  • Allianz EFU Insurance
  • Salam Takaful Pakistan Insurance
  •  TPL Insurance Limited
  • Health E-Connex (Pvt) limited
  • State Life Insurance
  •  Chase Value
  •  Crescent Care Insurance
  •  Habib Insurance Company Limited
  • Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center

For registering Lady Dufferin on your panel of hospitals please contact & email us at: nabeel.haroon@ladydufferinhospital.org
(021) 38798711 – Ext 137