Vision & Mission


The Lady Dufferin Hospital is striving to save mothers and the newborns of Pakistan by providing them with high quality health care, fighting against unacceptably high rate of maternal and newborn mortality in the country. To this end it will provide state of the art, comprehensive, free/subsidized obstetric, maternity and neo natal services in line with intentions of its founders and benefactors of providing them quality treatment irrespective of their affordability.


“The life of every mother and her baby counts. They must not die only because they cannot afford/ access appropriate care. LDH provides high quality healthcare to all irrespective of cast, color or creed.”

We focus on providing high-quality services to patients irrespective of them being paying or non-paying patients. We are committed to providing treatment to all patients irrespective of their income, class, color, race and creed. We provide teaching and training activities and conduct regular courses on family planning and reproductive health. Our goal is to bring down the high level of maternal and perinatal mortality in Pakistan which is amongst the highest in the world.