Pakistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the region with 1 in 89 women dying because of pregnancy and childbirth-related complications.

  1. Donate Now To Save A Newborn In Dire Need To Be Admitted To NICU (Cost/Day Rs. 6190)

    Many babies need to be admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to their medical conditions and can lose their lives if not provided NICU facilities urgently. Your Zakat/ donation can save these innocent lives.
    Rs. 0.00 donated
  2. Donate Rs.45,000/- For Safe Childbirth Of Underprivileged Mothers (Caesarian Section )

    Mothers facing complications during pregnancy are many times in dire need of c- section deliveries that puts the lives of the underprivileged mothers & their babies at a risk as they are unable to afford safe childbirth. Your zakat/donation can save these precious lives
    Rs. 10,000.00 donated
  3. Donate Rs. 31,500/- For Safe Childbirth Of Underprivileged Mothers (Normal Delivery)

    Mother is the anchor of a family and there can be no bigger loss than a newborn losing his/her mother or she is made to face lifelong health complications only because she cannot afford safe childbirth. Your donation can give her the gift of a healthy life for her children (click for details):
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Over a 120 years, since its inception the hospital has evolved into a state-of-the-art medical facility providing obstetric, gynecological and neo-natal pediatric services. Its philosophy has always been to provide the best medical care and modern facilities, irrespective of the socio-economic background of the patient - in line with the intentions of the founders and benefactors of the hospital. The hospital has one of the lowest maternal mortality rate-25.36 per 100,000 live births.


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LDH Awareness Events & Fundraisers

We are deeply grateful to all our generous donors and patrons for generously giving zakat & donations to Lady Dufferin for saving lives of mothers.

LDH held the biggest cycling event of Karachi on 6th March, 2022 in which 20 cycling groups from all over Karachi participated in the ride from DHA to Lady Dufferin Hospital and back.

Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi organized its 2nd LDH Golf Tournament at Karachi Golf Club on Sunday, November 14, 21’ for raising funds in an effort to continue its fight against maternal and newborn mortality in Pakistan.