Lady Dufferin Hospital is dedicated to the health of women and their families. We specialize in all areas of healthcare associated with the female reproductive system – known as gynecology. This section of the website lists the main areas of specialist investigations and treatments carried out within gynecology.


A colposcopy is an investigation to examine the vagina and the cervix. It is normally carried out on women with abnormal smear results. The procedure uses a colposcope – a magnifying instrument – to examine the cervix.


Hysteroscopy is a procedure that investigates the cause of abnormal bleeding from the uterus and various other intrauterine abnormalities.


Lady Dufferin Hospital is a renowned centre for the diagnosis, treatment and care of gynecological cancer – known as gynecology oncology. Our professional team draws together leading consultant gynecologists, general surgeons, nurses as well as other specialist roles – all working together to ensure that our patients receive individual plans of treatment and care


We provide a comprehensive service of investigation and treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss as well as supporting women throughout their pregnancy.