Mothers facing complications during pregnancy are many times in dire need of c- section deliveries that puts the lives of the underprivileged mothers & their babies at a risk as they are unable to afford safe childbirth. Your zakat/donation can save these precious lives

Rs. 46,000.00 donated
2 Donors

Sponsor a poor Mother’s Caesarean Section

Your Rs. 45,000 can sponsor a Caesarean Section with necessary investigations and medicines of an underprivileged patient. This includes:
Caesarean Section fees
(Operation Theatre charges, Nursing fee, Doctors fee, Hospitalization charges upto 5 days)
Investigations & Medications
o 2 Blood CP test
o Blood Group & Rh. Factor test
o 2 Serum Glucose test
o 2 Urine DR test
o Hbs Ag
o Anti HCV
o P.T. (Protrombin Time)
o 2 Ultrasound Scans
o Medicines