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  • Isardas Asonmal Dispensary Building This stone structure was built in 1911 and renovated with the help of the Sind Flood Relief Fund at a cost RS 7,000 in 1933. It housed the Out Patient and Ultrasound Departments for decades until 2009, when the OPD was shifted due to space constraints and the dilapidated state of the building.

    The hospital currently needs an out-patient facility where all related services can be provided in the same building thereby minimizing inconvenience to patients and enhancing efficiency of treatment. These services, i.e. Obstetric and Gynaecological, Pediatric and Diabetic clinics, Ultrasound department, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy and Vaccination units are spread out over the hospital premises, and need to be integrated. We are also planning to incorporate a proper purpose built waiting area for patients, attendants and visitors.

    We envisage this state of the art building to help create a friendly, welcoming and minimally stressful experience for our patients and their families while also facilitating an efficient and disciplined environment for patient care.

  • Future Project